Wednesday, December 31, 2008

POP goes Sungai Petani

The Power of Play Goes Sungai Petani was a big challenge. The audience was different. Their main objective was different. Day 1 was a frustration but as a Trainer, that was the challenge. I have to keep my mind positive. I can see Angah a little bit 'terkedu'. Lie was everywhere but nowhere. Day 2, Bakar saved the day with his excellent performance. I was down with stomach ache. I can hardly stand. A few participant still resist to open up. When religion issue was played, we gagged. Luckily, Wan was there with his powerful debriefing. I salute this old friend. He knows how to control the crowd. I called for 2 separate briefing. 1 for the front liners and a separate session for the back office. I cannot sleep that night. I know I have to really perform for my closing session. Many ideas gushing in my mind, mixed with 'geram' feeling and 'professional' feeling. To retaliate? To shoot? But I decided to keep my head cool and do the usual Power of Play closing. Come Day 3. I was nervous, don't know what to expect. My closing approach will depends alot on the audience that day. However, Day 3 was a total change. Again, Bakar did his magic. Everybody was charged up. The theme song was sang full heartedly. We dance and we play, the way the Power of Play should be. I deliver my closing, kicking the bucket along the way, spilling on someone and cooling on someone else at the same time. Gosh! What an ending. I learn more today.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Perfect Ending!

The Power of Play goes Cherating ended yesterday. As I posted earlier, it was an awesome experience. We play and we absorbed. Many thanks to the Power of Play crew - our front liner Khairul, Mat Tarzan and Azmeer, our back office crew Sarimah, Ishwary, Farah and Hasni, our sidekick Lie and Angah. You guys rock! And to BTV Kementerian Pendidikan, play and you will feel good!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Power of Play!

It's awesome! I felt fascinated. Our first show on the concept and brand went through very well. The thought of establishing the FIRST in Malaysia and the FIRST in the world resulting in me having a few weeks of sleepless nights. But it's worth! I am so excited! Tonight is the last night. The last 2 days went on very successfully. The concept was accepted very well and the reception was overwhelming! It was like my dream coming through. My co-founder of the concept, Bakar, was equally excited. Below is one of the Management Games that we created. We called it Mission Possible: The Stargate. The objective is to reflect various leadership style, effective communication skill, understand leadership from both end, focus on mission, building trust, absorbing positive vibration and dispersing the same, followership and comradeship. When we drew up the game plan, I did not realised it will turn out to be such da bomb!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

President Bush close encounter with the size of 10.

I heard about the incident when I arrived in Alor Star airport on 16th morning. I have been crazily busy the day before that I don't have time even to eat, what more to watch TV. My friend, Rizal (MD, Prisma Holidays), who picked me up broke the news to me on our way to Kangar. At first I thought it was a minor thing. After completing our purpose, we went to see Wan Kharizal (Group GM, Kedah Agro Holdings). I saw the news in the news paper. Holy crap! The President of the United States? Being attacked? With shoes? An Iraqi's shoes? On television? And oh... not a shoe... but both left and right? (or...whatever the sequence it was...) I laughed at first, who wouldn't? That would be the biggest bloopers of American Funniest Home Video for centuries to come. But seconds after that, I realized, the act was a total insult, not only to President Bush, but also to the Americans as a whole. What an insult! It shouldn't happened. No one should be laughing about it. It was an act of an idiot. Fine, Bush deserves more than a pair of shoe, maybe a rusty colored slimy sputum of mucus from an acute tuberculosis sufferer, spat onto his face. In fact, Bush, being responsible for so many thousands of deaths and torture, should be hanged publicly. But would that solve our problem? The world will not be a safe place to stay if the people are full with hatred and violence. We don't need another Bush in this world, and we also don't need another Muntazer al Zaidi.

By the way, I am sure al Zaidi will go to prison and possibly worse, for throwing two non-lethal shoes, and missing. But Bush, responsible for so many thousands of deaths, will probably never serve a day in prison. I still am naive enough to hope, however, that he is charged, tried, and convicted of treason and war crimes. And if that happen, I promise, I won't celebrate, eventhough I won't be crying either.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Remembering Apak

I am so ashamed of myself. How could I forget today is my late father's birthday? When an sms came from Ateh this morning, I sat quietly on my bed, holding on to my knee. I suddenly feel very 'rindu' - no English word can describe the feeling of 'rindu'. It is more than the feeling of missing someone you love dearly. It is more than feeling very sad knowing that someone you love so much is no more with you. It is above the feeling of longing for someone you always wanted to be with. It is simply 'rindu'. 'Rindu' is the ultimate feeling after you feel 'longing for someone' and followed by the feeling of 'sad knowing that someone is no more with you', and end up with 'feel deeply depressed without that someone with you'. I feel so 'rindu' to Apak.

However, I don't want to be carried away with the sadness and the deep depression. I know Apak wouldn't want me so. He was a very strong man, commanding and managing our big family, the pillar of our strength and the centre to which we refer to almost anything - life, love, sad, fruits, trees, river, fish, children upbringing, politic, economy, business, religion and you just name it, he was always there to give his wise thought.

I remember when I attended a Mind Science course in Penang in 1995, one of the module (to seek advise from the other side) is to choose who is our ultimate mentor that we can rely on, to answer to EVERY doubt we have. The trainer gave examples like Einstein, Ust Harun Din, Dr. Mahathir, and many other big names. I know, without any single doubt, my best 'other side' to whom I can consult anytime and any topic with, is Apak. Until today, Apak is still in that 'faculty' where I seek advise from.

I know Apak loves me very much. Sometimes I feel, he loves me more than my other siblings. I know it is not true but that is how he makes you feel, being loved and care more than anyone else. I remember that day, the opening of Ateh's first office in Taman Tun. Ateh secretly arranged for my trip back to KL. Nobody knows about that arrangement. It was supposed to be a surprise and a big surprised it was. I still can graphically see in my eyes Apak's reaction when he saw me entering the room. I can still remember his reaction, very clearly, the moment he saw me and acclaimed "Allahu Akbar!" with his surprised tone, rushed to me and hugged me. I can feel his warm tears falling on my shoulder. Subhanallah, I cannot hold to my tears anymore now!

The day of his demise, I cannot accept that he's no more with us because the life support machine connected to him was still beeping. Deep in my heart, I was hoping for miracles. I have seen in movies that people are back to alive eventhough that machine show a straight line with a long beeeep kind of sound. His is still beeping. I was hoping it was a mistake on the doctor's side. I remember Ngah consoling me, telling me to let him go. I keep on whispering "Allahu" by his ears. Mak was by my side trying to calm me down. I hold Apak's hand and keep on hoping that I was dreaming. But Allah loves him more than I do, more than love that we, the children, can confer him. He wanted Apak to be with Him, to shower him with loves he was promised with. May his soul be bestowed with His Graciousness and His Mercifulness, together with those on whom He bestowed with His Grace. If Apak is still alive, he is 80 today. Al Fatehah to Apak.

Remembering Apak, reminds me to submit my unconditional love to Mak.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Entrepreneurial terror

I first heard of this terminology when I read a book by Wilson Harrel 'For Entrepreneurs Only'.(a nice write up about him here) I instantly remembered about him when I had an argument with a friend yesterday. A mild argument actually but I think I made my point clear. What was argued is not important, but the concept behind the subject matter is. The concept is about the fear being in business. Through my experience, I have two words to describe how I feel being self employed. Loneliness and Fearful. I talk about loneliness later. For now, I talk about Fearful. For those, young and not so young, who are starting your first company, by that act, you have joined a very special organisation. Admission is automatic; permission is neither needed nor sought; tenure is indefinite. Wilson Harrel welcomes you to the Club of Terror.

I can assure you, the fear is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is not just fear, it is terror. Let me make myself clear that by terror I do not mean simply an intense kind of fear. The two are quiet different. Fear is a sudden rush of adrenaline let loose when you are caught with a lipstick stain on your collar, or when you almost get hit by a drunk driver. It is usually accidental and unexpected. Entrepreneur terror, on the other hand is self-inflicted. It occurs when you, an otherwise a normal person, make a conscious decision that carries you over the threshold of fear into a private world filled with monsters sucking at every morsel of your being. There can be no sleep in this world - just wide-awake nightmares. It will scares the hell out of every one of you.

So, I told my buddy, taking up responsibility, committed with what we do, perseverance in our undertaking, frustrations over failures are just some minor gentle things that are the least of what we expect or experience in entrepreneurship. You can put them away as a child puts away toys. And my fellow friend, you can stop breathing if you want, but this Entrepreneur Terror will remain with you as long as you remain as an entrepreneur. Be brave! Period.

About dream

I have blogged before about my big book of dream - the Money Maker. One of my dream is to hit my first million when I am 40. I am now 44. Do I achieved my dream? I don't want to answer that. Million can come in many ways - cash and property, and even many a times, million is just a figure. Those intangible, like happiness, good feeling and blessed life is invaluable. The figure could be infinity (or infinity + 1, hehe) But one thing I discover is that how I morph from a nerd looking 'baloq liat' guy (the term my college mate, Pak Ya described me) who combed his hair parting on the left side, to a self proclaim hard working critical minded guy who speaks his mind out and walking his talk kind of adult. I am still a silly bad boy who provokes others intelligence but at the same time develop a clumsy playful clown outlook who wore his real face unmasked. I am satisfied with what I am having now, not at a complacent level, but enough to make people listen to what I say. Who says money is not everything? It may not be everything but it is THE thing. I am still hungry for more and I know it is coming from many sources.

I would be blushing when friends refer me as a successful person. Most of the time, I take it as a compliment and with prayer. Because I know I am not. (yet!) I am still at the starting line, a long way to go.

Million can come and go. Today I might have my million but nobody knows what is going to happen to me tomorrow. Most importantly, I left my footprint in the sand of life, knowing that I have tried my level best to be what I wanted to be.

p/s I wish I have that million!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Recession they say.

Some times ago, I was having dinner with a group of entrepreneurs. We talked a lot about the possible recession we will be facing in the next few months. With (at that moment) a hike in fuel price, global political uncertainty, big institution financial crash, huge bail out by governments across the world, we thought recessions is inevitable.

Just now, while sitting quietly at a corner of my office, I was thinking, isn't this is the best opportunity to expand my business? It all make sense. Think about it for a moment. What do big companies do in recession? They retrench, cut back on advertising and on services, fire people, close divisions, withdraw product and so on. What does all that add up to? They abandon niches. These niches, I think, is a seedbeds for my growth. What I should do maybe is to listen to their mournful and sad stories. Maybe I should shed a tears or two for them. Then get up and go clobber them. I believe, right now is the best time since 1997 to grow my business. As a matter of fact, I started my business in 1998 when many big corporations cry fault. There might be more opportunities out there than we gonna find in the next 5 or 10 years. I will get moving, so I will come out of this mess larger than when I went in, insyaallah.

Fly Firefly

Remember I told you that I am scared of flying? Few days ago I am again forced to fly to Kota Bharu due to the urgency of the work. If not, I would prefer to drive. I have heard of Firefly (tagline: your community carrier). It is a budget airline, similar to Air Asia. I have traveled on Air Asia before and the agony was unbearable. The way the pilot land the plane was moments I wished I never have to experience. The squeaking sound on board is terrifying. The arrogance of the steward and stewardess make you feel you are really a budget traveler, who can't afford Malaysia Airlines and the way they look at you with the look which says you-should-be-thankful-to-Air Asia-who-provide-you-with-affordable-plane-ticket, you know what I mean? The embarrassment of lining up like a juvenile and tolerating the rushing and uncivilised passenger to the plane, erghh... I can't take it.

But few days ago, I have another alternative - Firefly! A lot lot better alternative. They fly on their new fleet of European-made ATR-500s, flies at average 20,000 feet high and at the speed of 500km/hour. It was monsoon season with monstrous cumulonimbus clouds rolls along the journey but I can hardly feel any strong vibration and the journey was amazingly quiet.

It is only a 72 seater carrier which means you’ll receive more attention from their friendly crew. Yes, they are very friendly indeed. The staffs treat you like they need you more than you need them. No 'jeling-jeling taik kucing' kind of gestures, like the one you might experience with Air Asia. No mumbling at your back. You can see and feel the sincerity.

Maybe due to my young-at-heart personality, I feel so energetic and vibrant traveling on Firefly. The pipe in music plays 'So What - Pink' and 'When I Grow Up - Pussy Cat Dolls' kind of music, which suits me well. The cabin is cozy yet so spacious (nice normal Asian size - I said normal Asian size!) furbished with elegant leather seating, and oh... did I tell you that you will have an assigned seating upon check in so that you won't looked like a row of delinquent, waiting for punishment?

They serve you with juice and muffin - small matter but doesn't small matter counts most especially when comparisons are made? And the best part is, they fly from Subang, only 25 minutes drive from my house. Firefly is surely my favourite carrier after this.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Scared, I am!

Flying is definitely not in my list of 'things I like to do'. Fine, Travel Agency is one of my business but do I need to like flying to operate a Travel Agency? My answer is definitely a big no-no. However, sometimes, I am forced to take flight whenever I have to travel. Internationally, I have no choice (that is why I try to avoid traveling overseas as much as I can) but domestically, I will drive if I have the choice. I think, my problem is the fear of leaving my life on others hand. When I fly, like it or not, the pilot is in-charge. Not a single bit of my life is within my control. All depends on him/her. A simple silly small mistake, the stake is my life. I am not scared of death, but I pray to Allah that my moment of truth is after my children are all grown up (my son always tell me that the probability of a plane crash is like being strike by lightning twice at the same spot) But again, it is not an issue of death. It is more of a phobia. I am scared if someone drive me in a car. I am afraid of taking Express Coach to travel long journey. I am scared taking a cable car. I remember shaking in the gondola while taking a ride on Eye Of Malaysia. Because of this phobia, now I understand, why people say I am workaholic, perfectionist and other name with similar meaning. This is because I am scared leaving my business on other people's hand because my business is my life. I cannot allow people to maneuver my 'life' and I cannot have control or have less control of. Well, I know I am a complicated lot, but I guess, that is how I reach where I am now.

Monday, December 01, 2008

A day with Michael Losier

The date: 29 November 2008
The day: Saturday
The place: Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

It was a very special day. I am meeting Michael Losier in person. I woke up early that day, despite staying up late the night before. I am full of excitement to listen to ML, to meet him in person, to touch him, to feel him and to be coached by him. Ok, maybe I am a bit too overboard about what I feel but the excitement is not describable by words. Man, it is Michael Losier!

So, that morning, I am all geared up with my 'nice, casual' outfit, my LOA book that I bought few weeks ago and my SONY T5. On arrival, there are about 200 people already there. I quickly get myself registered, received my seminar material and pin up my name tag. I went around the busy concourse and grab some snacks for my breakfast. I can already feel the mood at that moment. Everybody was so zest up and emitting positive vibrations, match with my already eager brain frequency that vibrate at 10hz per second, resulting a smell of positive ion all around.

I try to get the front seat but all were reserved for the sponsors. I manage to get a seat on the 7th row. Not bad. At 9.00 am sharp, the program starts. And for the next 8 hours, it was a real thrill! As an NLP and Mind Science follower, LOA add more elements into my faculty. It re-emphasize the importance of positive thinking. The principle of LOA is that YOU ARE WHAT YOU WANTED TO BE. It is all in our mind. It stresses on the importance of KEEPING OUR FEELING IN A POSITIVE VIBRATION. If we want to change a result, we must change our feeling to be in positive mode. To have a positive feeling (positive vibration) is to have a positive thought. And to have a positive thought is by using positive words. Summarily, it is VERY IMPORTANT to watch out with words that we use in our everyday life. It is not what happened, it is how we respond to what happened.

I am fully convinced that I am attracting to myself, my life and business, whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether negative or positive. At the end of the day, I took a photo with Michael and I got my book signed by him. Wooo-hoooo!