Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cut and Paste from Malaysian Insider

I find it very difficult to keep up with the work and at the same time doing things I like to do. One of it is updating my journal here. However, today I read a very interesting comment in The Malaysian Insider. Waterlily put it EXACTLY what I felt. Go read the following, uncut from The Malaysian Insider

written by waterlily, June 23, 2009
wkc, excuse me. Many of "us" crossed the racial lines to vote you last GE? Racial stand?

It works both ways. I can still see some elements in DAP that "we" dislike very much. Some elements that show disrespect towards "our" culture and boundaries.

My guess is that you're one of those who say things like "when will Malaysians be like the Americans and accept an 'Obama'". Not realizing that the only 'black' thing about Obama is his skin. His culture, his way of life is all American. Do you think they'd vote for him if he had an African accent, wore African clothes, by the life of me, if he were Muslim... or even had a beard for that matter?

We already have our own versions of 'Obama'. Nizar is half Chinese. DS Wan Azizah has mixed blood too. Dr Mahathir too. But you know what, they all live the way that makes all of us "one".

Can I imagine Karpal wearing a Malaysian traditional attire baju melayu? What's that? Baju Melayu not for non Malays? Oh, and what is the traditional clothes for 'Obama'? Go fly kites wkc. Karpal's group won't even wear a blooming songkok after the GE meet! If you want to be Malaysian, drop all this "us" talk and embrace the "local" way of life like Obama did.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's Cuti Sekolah Again

Has been a week now school is off. And another week to go for my children to enjoy the holiday. I try to take a few days off from my work (and flexi hours on the other days) just to spend time with them. It is crucial years, now and ahead. The children are at their teen age, and every one of them is achieving something, which I worry will make them presumptuous and high-nosed. It is my duty to always keep them on their feet, telling them whatever achievement they make, do not forget that all those are gifts (and tests) from Allah. He tests his loved ones with tests that we couldn't think off - during good times and during bad times.

Last week, my 3 grandchildren from Perlis - Afliayana, Afzal and Afif - came for a visit. So, Tok Wan (thaaaaat's me! :-) brought them to OU, spend time shopping, playing and watch movie. I had good times, and I know they, too.

Mean while, we managed to sneakout for a few movies and outings. Last week (together with my grands) we watched Monster Vs. Alien. Last night, we went again, to watch the most awaited movie Hannah Montana The Movie. I can see the satisfaction in my children's face after the movie. My feeling that moment is indescribable. Its so fulfilling.
Now, back to work!