Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hujung minggu yang menyeronokkan.

Kakak dah register to participate in Suka Ria Astro Ceria a few weeks ago and the event is today. She registered herself, Kak Uda and Anik fo Pakaian Beragam and Telematch. The program starts at 6:30am. So, lepas subuh sepi'e tu, kami pun pergilah ke Bukit Kiara Equastrian park, where the event is to be held. Orang tak lah ramai sangat so we manage a parking space near to the entrance.

Keseluruhannya, to me, the event is not a success (if not a failure). It was not properly organised. Tak ada orang yang explain how the event is supposed to be played - the rule, the procedure, where to start, where to end, what to do, where to gather, etc. The crew was standing around not helping, or rather not knowing what to do. My kids were so frustrated. They are so used to an organised event (especially those organised by Papa, hehe) that they decided to terminate earlier. It was not what they expect when they have to be up by 5:30 in the morning. To compensate their frustration, I promised to take them to Kids Club @ One Utama later that afternoon. Yeay! (Their tricks work on me!)

(Mengantuk!! Do not mistaken the bushes at the back as a real bush. It is a family of participant with 'bush costume' yang ambik bahagian untuk pakaian beragam. Yo yo oh betul!)

(Tengok parent lain, kiasu betul nak bagi anak mereka menang, tapi Anik did it on her own! wooo hoooo!)

So, later that afternoon, after some rest, we (Teh, Kakak, Kak Uda, Anik and I) went to Kids Club. Barulah depa (read: kami) nampak seronok! While waiting, I grab a book at the nearby bookstore, sat at a corner, ordered a basket of fried potato with a cup of hot chocolate and get drowned into my own world.

What a relaxing afternoon. This is the kind of life that I enjoyed so much - take the kids out during weekends, let them play, eat ice cream, shop, read, eat some more, shop some more and do nothing else, stay inside an air-conditioning mall, no cigarette smoke and no pollution. And for this relaxed and enjoyed afternoon, it cost us only RM100. But what is more precious is the time spent with the children and listening to their laughter. Food for every parent's soul!

Earth Hour 28 Mar 8:30pm

The clock shows 8:15pm.
Kakak: Earth hour! Earth hour!
Me (from upstairs): Alaaaa.... Papa baru nak tengok Diari Akademi Fantasia! Nak tengok Che Mah Mulut Bernanah ni!

Time ticking

Kakak: Now! Now!
Long: Lagi 2 minit!
Teh: Sekarang lah! Tengok lah jam
Long: My time is the official time! (as usual, acting as the boss. He force the kids to call him The Coolest Brother Ever!)

Suddenly - all darkness! We clapped our hands. Its 8:30pm.


Friday, March 27, 2009

A week wrap-up

So many things happen in a week. Fast and furious! I am struggling to catch my breath. Business has been very busy. I am also cleaning up our back-office. Updating our reporting format. Cleaning up the backlog of claims and billing. Upgrading our data entry procedure and flow, etc. So, it's been hectic. I left a few entries in my draft box, not able to post pending my uploading of the photos. Finally, today in between Magrib and Isyak, alone in my office, I managed to post them all (Isyak? It's 10 pm now!). Summary as follows:

19 March: Happy Birthday, Teh!
20 March: Woman and Man
23 March: To my Mum, on her 76th birthday.
25 March: Ketua Pemuda UMNO: KJ

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ketua Pemuda UMNO: KJ

Ramai yang mengeluh bila KJ diumumkan sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO yang baru. Saya bukan ahli UMNO tetapi saya mempunyai ramai kawan-kawan yang berada di barisan hadapan UMNO, terutama di dalam Pergerakan Pemuda dan Putri. Jadi, saya cuma mengambil tahu perkembangan kawan-kawan. Berbalik kepada kemenangan KJ, saya mengucapkan tahniah kepada beliau (saya tidak mengenali beliau secara dekat). Apa yang menarik ialah apabila kemenangan beliau di boo oleh perwakilan-perwakilan sendiri. Sesuatu yang tidak pernah terjadi di dalam sejarah UMNO. Bukan setakat di boo, malah di jerit dengan kata-kata "Rasuah! Rasuah! Rasuah!" yang sangat jelas kedengaran ketika saya menonton pengumuman kemenangan beliau melalui Astro Awani. Jadi lebih menarik, apabila bukan Pakatan Rakyat yang berbuat demikian, tetapi dari Pergerakan pemuda itu sendiri. Apa dah jadi?

Saya ditanya, apa komen saya? Pada saya cukup mudah. Ini adalah UMNO, parti yang memperjuangkan kelangsungan kekuasaan politik orang Melayu. Wajib bagi perwakilan memilih pemimpin yang boleh, mampu dan berani kehadapan sebagai orang Melayu. Pemimpin (terutama Pemuda) mestilah seorang Melayu yang vokal, aggresif dan nakal supaya ditakuti oleh orang bukan Melayu. Saya guna perkataan 'ditakuti', bukan 'dihormati' kerana itu yang orang Melayu perlukan. Untuk penghormatan, biarlah barisan kepimpinan UMNO yang senior uruskan. Pemuda harus kembali sebagai barisan pendesak. Pemimpin nombor wahid Pemuda mestilah seorang yang pandai bertutur kata dan berani berdebat. Dia mestilah seorang yang sanggup kehadapan di medan perang. Pemuda harus kembali ke zaman Harun Idris dan Anwar Ibrahim. Berani berdebat dan berani bertindak. Ini saya lihat dari ruang lingkup UMNO sebagai parti orang Melayu. Ia tidak sesuai diaplikasikan di dalam PKR atau PAS kerana kedua-dua parti itu bukan parti yang berteraskan Melayu. Jadi, pada saya pilihan 304 perwakilan pemuda adalah tepat. KJ adalah orangnya, berbanding MM yang dilihat terlalu diplomasi dan KT yang terlalu berperangai seperti orang tua.

Rasuah, politik wang, membolot kontrak..... well, sekarang politik adalah komersial. Itu sahaja yang saya boleh kata. Yang lain, fikir sendiri.

Sekali lagi, tahniah kepada Khairy, kepada Dato' Zaki, kepada Gasing, kepada Lokman, kepada Dato' Idris (caya lu!), Shahanim (tetap sweet seperti biasa) dan pemenang lain. Kepada Dato' Hasan, Dato' Noraini, Ijan, terus dengan keyakinan anda. Kepada Li Botak, apa wa nak cakap sama lu lagi, bro. Kena gantung terus! Sabau aje ler! Janji glamer! Nanti kita pegi Bandung lagi, shopping!

Monday, March 23, 2009

To my mum, on her 76th birthday.

Never Enough
(23 March 2009)

Many times I wanted to say thanks for all you've done,
but then they fly away as quickly as they come.

If I could tell you what's deep in my heart.
There are so many things where do I start?

Words could never explain how I feel about,
when even prayer is not enough, I seek from God

How could I possibly thank you enough, the one who makes me whole,
the one to whom I owe my life, the forming of my soul.

The one who makes such sacrifices to always put me first,
who lets me test my broken wings, no matter how it hurts.

Are there really any words for this, I find this question tough,
anything I want to say just doesn't seem enough.

What way is there to thank you for your heart, your sweat, your tears,
for many thousand things you've done for me, for oh so many years.

For changing with me as I changed, for accepting all my flaws,
not loving cause you had to, but loving just because.

For never giving up on me when your wits had reached its end,
for always being proud of me, for being my best friend.

Who paints the world a rainbow when it's filled with broken dreams,
for trusting in me, when to care no one had even seems

Look at me now, what I've become,
do you see yourself in me, the job I am blessed that you have done

Thank you for everything you do, the whole world can see
but thank you Mak most of all for believing in me.

Happy Birthday, Mak!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Woman and Man

I got this email from a friend the other day:

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

A woman has the last word in any argument.
Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

Betul ke?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Teh!

Today is Teh aka Tomok's birthday. Pejam celik pejam celik, Teh dah 13 tahun! What is Teh's forte? Not like my other boys (and girls), he is the heaviest of all. Tapi cute. Perangai resembles me when I was his age. Kememe, cembeng but full of love and care. Misunderstood lot, Teh is very gentle at heart, impressionable, and receptive. He is a dreamer. The world of his imagination, feelings, and intuition is as real to him as anything in the outer world. He thought the underworld of Bikini Bottom is real! Very sentimental and usually keep to himself. Tapi, bila dia start bukak mulut.... laser! He told me he wanted to be a Chef when he grows up. (Just like SpongeBob who is a fry cook at the Krusty Krab restaurant) You should try his Maggi Goreng....sooooo yummy! Teh would make me his Maggi Goreng for my bekal to office some Saturdays. I seldom take lunch, but with his Maggi Goreng, I cannot resist!

Happy Birthday Teh. Papa love you!

(Ahmad Najmuddin Najmi - He insisted not to have cake on his birthday, too kiddy, he said. So, we have some fast food of his choice, and a REAL Candle!)

(Special appearance by Abg Ajiq on Teh's birthday)

(But the next day, the sisters baked him a cake)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RM60 billion stimulus.

I read comments on the stimulus package. As usual, the backbenchers applaud the provisions and the critics, critics. I usually play the leftist, the rebellious one. But somehow, I just felt this time, I want to be in the mainstream. Suddenly I felt I am ready, able and willing to contribute to the shielding of our economic from drowning further. I believe I am in a position to assist, in my own small way. This time I want to believe that everybody is sincere enough to take us out from the so-called crisis. When this is over, I want to shout and say, I made it. Malaysians, let's do it together!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Perhimpunan Agung UMNO

I seldom do this - commenting on other's idea or entry from other blog. I have my own opinion and I respect others. I always think that in regards to this particular subject matter, let others to comment, not me. But somehow or rather, I never came across comments that really similar to what I have in mind. Well, I don't read/surf much. So, here goes.

I read an entry in Datuk WCW here, commenting (or more correctly, wanting) what should be discussed in the coming UMNO General Assembly which should occur by end of the month. I believe, what he wants to see is also what other races in Malaysia expect to hear. In a summary, he wants to "hear speeches with substance on the economy and less on race from the delegates. That should be Umno's biggest agenda"

C'mmon Datuk (and other races). This is UMNO General Meeting. UMNO is no doubt the biggest political party (respect that!) but it also represents the Malay community. In fact, we should look at UMNO as the Malay political party FIRST, then followed by the realisation that it is the biggest political party in Malaysia. If we can do that, then we will see UMNO at the correct perspective. If we can understand that UMNO is the political party for the Malay, then the issue of keris shouldn't be a threat at all. The issue of Ketuanan Melayu shouldn't be misunderstood. There shouldn't be an issue about anti-PPSMI. Tell me, will MIC or MCA or Gerakan or PKR or even PAS will talk about Ketuanan Melayu? They are not a Malay-based party, I will die standing in shock and trauma if MCA approve a resolution to protect the Malay Supremacy. Eventhough I am not an UMNO member, sincerely and honestly, I will go straight to ICU if the MCA or MIC General Assembly is conducted in Bahasa Malaysia (however, I would like to see that to happen, or may be will remain in my dream for generations to come)

It is very unfair for anybody to expect UMNO to neglect the Malay related issue (remember, UMNO is the party representing the Malays, it is in their Perlembagaan, acceptance by the Malay is a different issue) or even to allocate more time on other matter rather than the Malay interest. Talking about how to save Malaysia economically will definitely in the agenda, no doubt about that. That is only because the Malays are also concern about the matter.

Datuk WCW also wants UMNO General Assembly to think how to "putting food on the table for all races". All races means the Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, etc. But UMNO is a Malay party. Is putting food on the Malay tables were also discussed during MIC or MCA General Assembly? I believe it does, as the UMNO General Assembly will definitely spare some time discussing about that too, I am sure.

To summarise, UMNO is a political party for the Malays. It is not a sin for them to talk 'anything and nothing but Malay' if they chosed to.

p/s At least, listening to their debate, ones will feel that things are happening in Malaysia, not in China, or Hong Kong or India.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Trip to Jaipur

Ok, I have to play this psy-war again! I am scheduled to go to Jaipur on 10 April 2009. Not for vacation, it is a business trip. Everything has been confirmed. Flight ticket is confirmed. Hotel and ground transportation kaw-timmed. (its free, thanks to Federation of Chambers of Commerce, India). My friend in Jaipur, Rajendra Sharma, has pledged his readiness to take me anywhere I want to go - IF I MAKE IT THIS TIME! He knows my weakness, canceling my outstation trip (especially abroad) in the last minute. I have heavy baggage - who will send my 6 kids to school every morning, will Long went ponteng during my absence, what if he quarrel with Teh again and nobody will protect Teh, what happen if Ngah cannot sleep at night and nobody stays up with him, who will be at home when my wife send the elder kids for tuition, what if something bad happen at home while no adults around, who will membebel to the children if they don't do their homework, I am sure the house will be like a wrecked ship during my absence, who will pat-pat Anik to sleep, who will console DeDe if she is sad, can Kakak take care of herself, who will emphatised with the children's grouses, will they eat their lunch and dinner, will they brush their teeth every morning, who will tell Ngah to comb his hair, who will stop Teh from potato-couching, who will control Long's abuse of internet, who will make noise if the wet towels are laying all over the places, who will pump the clogged drain especially in the boy's toilet, my wife will wear that tight track bottom which I hate so much, who will remind the children to make their bed, and the list goes on. Not that I don't trust anyone but track record shows. It is like Accounting. It is historical basis. What happened in the past, you can project it to the future. I am an Accountant, don't blame me for taking my life as a Balance Sheet. It is a war, internally. I don't want to go but I have to go. To the last minute, wait and see, 'what' wins. It's the battle of the wits!

Life is tons of discipline

It sounds very difficult and unfair. Think. Taking charge of our life requires discipline, yes, tons of it. Sounds like your headmaster giving his preach during school assembly? Think further. Discipline is neither readily attained nor easily maintained. It demands mental stamina to overcome empty passions and faulty habits. Emm... make sense? It also requires the fortitude and determination to resist the pull of so many temptations. And more than anything else, it demands a relentless focus on what matters most.It requires concentration until the goal line is crossed and the objective is achieved. I used to perceived discipline as the absence of freedom, especially during my younger days. However, I pushed myself forward knowing that I am the only one who must take control of my life, of what I want to be. It also requires luck (and rotan by my parents, once in a while. he he) to keep myself in between the discipline lines, lucky that I did not involved with 'things indiscipline'. As time passed by, I realised that discipline is infact, is the source of freedom. It's a kind of order that sets me free to fly (heard about this phrase, but couldn't remember from where). I can fly high. Everybody could. But the things that held us up to do so, is the absence of discipline. We need tons of it! I know I do!