Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai attack!

I know I cannot do much about this, but, hey, I have a lot of friends in Mumbai and a friend who work in Taj Hotel. I pray to God that Kyrus, Suresh, Joe, Chopra, Kareem, Kashi and Krishnan are safe. I manage to speak to Joey last night on hearing about the attack. Audibly, he sounded shaken. He work in the nearby hotel. I sms Kyrus just now, yet to get his reply. I condemn the attack! Below is my picture taken on a ferry infront of Gate of India. Taj Hotel is at the back. At time of this writing, 101 people are dead and 314 are injured. What would you feel if our friends and relatives is one of them?

And below is me infront of Victoria Terminus, the busiest train station in the world.

78 dead in Mumbai terrorist strike (from E-Travel News)

A group of terrorists using AK-47 rifles and grenades attacked Mumbai, India last night with 78 people confirmed dead, at least 900 injured and 100 taken hostage. Terrorists, in what seemed to be an organised attack, targeted the five-star Oberoi hotel and Taj Mahal hotel, Victoria Terminus railway station, tourist landmark Leopold’s cafe and the Cama Hospital at around 2300 hours local time. Explosions were heard in both hotels and The Times of India reported that the top floor of the Oberoi hotel was on fire whilst the Taj hotel was still burning this morning.
A man who had barricaded himself and 30 others inside a restaurant in the Taj hotel told Sky News that? a gunman had entered the lobby of the hotel and “just stood there spraying bullets around, right next to me”.
"We are now in the dark in this room and we've barricaded all the doors. It's really bad...all the lights are out, there's about 100 of us here." There has been a consistent gun battle between the terrorists and Mumbai police overnight, with several high-profile police gunned down. According to reports, the Mumbai police called in the military and Indian troops raided the Oberoi and Taj hotels this morning, despite the 100 people held hostage, 40 of which are British. The terrorists are suspected to be targeting British and American tourists as an escapee from the Oberoi hotel told BBC reporters that around 15 gunmen had demanded for British and American nationals to hand over their passports. There is still no confirmation of who the terrorist are and whether they are part of a terrorist network.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My D90!

My first Digital Camera was a Ricoh (can't remember the model) way back in 2002. A DC was a random luxury hi-tech gadget someone can own during that time. I bought it at around RM1,600, with a VERY good 1 megapixel. My second was a SONY (can't remember the model, too - the one with a swivel lense). I was upgrading myself to a DC with 3 megapixel sensor. He he. But that SONY was a very reliable one, and very user friendly. The swivel lense is very handy when come to taking your own picture. That was my first SONY DC and then I have another 3 SONYs. Currently I am using SONY Cybershot T5. The main different SONY from the other is the color rendition. The SONY's colors are less intense and most probably most accurate. (I am a color blind, but I know how to differentiate good colors and bad colors!) Ok... the purpose of blogging on this topic is that I AM SAVING FOR A NIKON D90! Wooo hooo! It is the first digital SLR to incorporate a movie mode. When I passed through my favourite gadget shop the other day, I was salivating to my toe! He he. What a gizmo! It comes with a 12.3MP 23.6 x 15.8mm sensor with SLR focal length at 1.5x. The 3" 9200,000 dot LCD is amaaaazing! And as from the earlier NIKON D60, this model also come with a 'self-cleaning' sensor unit which should keep me less worry about dust, or at least to a minimum. The moment I saw this model, I knew it, this is it. Not a tiny little doubt about it. Not so techies for an amateur (ok...maybe not even amateur, still a novice) self proclaim photography crazy like me but I have been dreaming to upgrade to SLR the past few months. And the price tag is RM4,500 complete with kit lense. Wooohoooo! D90, here I come!

Monday, November 24, 2008

School Holiday

It has been a week since school holiday started. Last week, the children had a full week activity, visiting a Chocolate Factory, Batu Caves, visiting High Five Bread Factory, enjoying BBQ lunch at Krisaliz and emmm....playing DS! Bang Long as usual, occupied with his lappie, damaging his brain cell. Bang Ngah enjoying his upside down day-night topsie turvie, being an owl who never see daylight and grooming his acne. Ajiq is the only one who looks tension. He still has 3 more SPM papers to sit.

This morning, my other half went to the school to collect our daughters year end report card. As usual, the girls fly high with their results.

Starting from next week, the PMR (Ngah) and SPM (Long) candidates will start their 'holiday camp' preppies. Have fun, boys!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A typical weekend in my office.

A typical weekend in my office. Notice how clean my table is. How I wish it can be as clean everyday.

Heaven is underneath the mother's feet

Few nights ago, I watched a movie in Astro, can't remember which channel. It is about the love of a son to the mother. The mother was convicted after unintentionally murdered the husband. She suffered a very serious depression, in Malay, we called it 'meroyan' or postpartum psychosis. I wonder how she got convicted when actually 'meroyan' is categorized as mental illness. That is different story (anyway, it is just a movie). What touched me is the unconditional love the son poured to the mother. After the passing of his father, the son continue with the farming the father had started earlier. The other siblings (he got another elder brother and a younger sister) went their own way, disown the mother, accusing her of being a murderer. The good son went on with the farming succesfully. He won awards after awards for being successful farmer. During imprisonment of the mother, the good son visits her regularly despite being called names by the 'meroyan' mother, seeking her blessing for his business plans and strategies. Until few years, the mother recovered from the disorder. She was later released. The good son accepted her happily, bring her back home while the other two siblings react otherwise. (normal lah... nama pun cerita. Baru ada drama!) To surprise everybody, the good son declared that during the mother imprisonment, he had setup a foundation where he channeled all the profit of his farming business. Knowing that (the accumulated fund was RM2.5m), the not so good children wanted their share, claiming that the farm the good son operating belongs to the late father, and they have their share. Being good (in the drama.... hehe) the good son agreed to name the two siblings on board, and the mother as the Chairman. Of course, the two not so good children hesitated but finally accepted. During all 'non-technical' meeting, the good son always seek the mother's opinion, accept the opinion as the final decision and that make the other two angry, arguing that their opinion is better than the 'meroyan' mother. (Note: the elder brother was a second-hand car dealer while the sister was involved in direct selling. I didn't say the two professions are for the brainless people, but the producer of that movie implied it that way. Luckily I don't involve in that trade. :-) ) Finally, after much disagreement, the two decides to sell their share back to the good son, wanting to do their own business. And of course, being a hero, the good son agrees. Sembilan bulan kemudian...(nine months later) the two siblings get into trouble. Their business gone burst (he he... second hand car dealer and direct selling people, don't take this too personal). To make the long story short (the wife of the elder brother caught him 'play three sticks', the elder brother involved with Ah Long, the sister's car kena tarik because of non-payment, bla...bla...bla...) the two not so good children return to the hero for help. Then... the hero (being a hero) accepted them with a condition. They must seek forgiveness from the mother. And the most touching part is when he say, whatever you do, you must seek blessing from the mother. Syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu (Heaven is underneath the mother's feet). And that they did. Finally, they live happily ever after. The end.

I don't know where my fate will be. But I know, I love my mother so much.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nothing much.

I know from my audit trail, there are a few readers keep coming back to see my updates for the last few days. I am very sorry. Work have been keeping me very busy. I wanted to blog something - about my mother, about the children school holiday, about my recent trip, about life, etc. I have time, but the time I have I couldn't spare for blogging. I wrote a few draft but all end up being deleted. I will blog again soon. Oh...and tonight, I am going for that goooood massage that is looooong overdue!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We are one, big, happy family!

Having a big family is a big business. Not only that you need to be financially secured, but most importantly, emotionally strong. I have a big family. I am the fifth in eight siblings. On my own, I have six children. This is by choice, not ‘by accident’ or ‘ooops I did it again’ kind of thing! My youngest was born when I was 38, and she is now 6. This morning, we registered her for Primary School, after 2 years in kindergarten. Next year, the mama will be alone most of the time at home. I hope, she can reschedule her life, recollect what was missing for the last many years. We have gone through tests after tests throughout our process building this family. There are times when we don’t talk for few days just because the quarrel we had over the children. In fact, all the sour faces are due to our differences in managing our house and children. I wanted my children to be raised on a certain standard. Being a trained and professional Accountant, my methodology is being seen as rigid and procedural. The problem is that my other half remains as what she was 17 years ago. I know, I marry her 17 years ago as what she was 17 years ago. But I expect we can ‘grow’ together. Now with all the children will be in school most of the day starting from next year, I hope she can speedily grow up. And my responsibility, in keeping my big family well, will be bigger.

Consider this. I am the sole breadwinner for the family of 8 (with 6 children). My effort must be equivalent to the father of a sole breadwinner of 3 families with 2 children each. So, if other family can afford to go holiday once a year, we can only afford to do the same once every 3 years. If other family can be sufficient with a house with 3 rooms (average cost RM200,000), we can live equally comfortable in a 7 rooms house, with a cost of almost RM800,000. The house we are renting now is a 3 bedroom house, valued at RM650,000. Food that we eat is for 8 people daily. Electricity, water bill and other bills are for 8 people. If I put a serious thinking about it, I will never can afford our lives. Hurghhhh…. Syukur kepada Allah kerana kami masih dapat menikmati kehidupan seperti orang lain. However, what we have is not everybody is blessed with. Our house is always filled with laughter. We always have each other. We tolerate in sharing what we have. We do things together. And we face our sorrows together. Next year, Anek will be in Primary 1, DeDe in Primary 3, Kakak in Primary 5, Bang Teh will be in Secondary 1, Bang Ngah in Secondary 3 and Bang Long in Secondary 5. I am so blessed with 6 lovely children, each of them with their own character and personality. All in all, we are a big happy family!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Day of Miseries

The day started off gloomy. My brother, Chu, called from Seremban, saying Mak demam. He fetched Mak from kampong early morning and now Mak is in his house in Seremban. Mak has not been well lately. She is already 75. Most women her age has long been sick but she was strong until lately. I am afraid of losing her. I know nothing is permanent, but please, not yet.

UPSR results keluar hari ni. Bang Teh dalam keadaan tidak tenteram. Last night, I told my other children, whatever the results would be, do not make fun of it. I told them, I know the capabilities each and every one of them. I would be more than happy if Teh would get 2As (English and Science) and he will surprised me if he can get a C for his Maths and Bahasa Malaysia. Bila tengok result, he got 1A (English) 3Bs (Maths, Science, BM Penulisan) and 1C (BM Pemahaman). He cried. When I saw him at school, both of us strangle in a hug. I was not frustrated at all. As I said, I knew his capabilities. In fact, I am very proud when he got B for his Maths and Bahasa Malaysia Penulisan. If any of you my 2 readers listen to him talking, you would think that you are listening to a radio version of Spongebob Squarepants! Sooo cartoon and sooo American. And you would be wondering what is so difficult in answering 7 x 8 = 56 when earlier on he can tell you that 8 x 7 = 56. He cried in my arm. He said he might have gotten 4As if he had study much harder. I just kept quiet. My tears was dripping. I am not going to scold him for the results he got. I know, he is good in other area. He is very special to me. And I know he knew.

Back in the office, I am supposed to complete a ‘happy’ proposal. I couldn’t do it. It just doesn’t jive with my feeling. How could I write a happy proposal when I am in the opposite state of mind? My mother is sick. My son is sad. How on earth I can be happy? I surrendered. The day passes by with zero productivity. No mind control thingy can help me today.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mind Control

Ok...ok... I admit, I cannot tahan to blog on this matter. It was an amaaaazing experience I had last night. It was about NLP / Mind Science / LOA (again... :-)) I came to know about Silva Mind Control Method (you know... controlling own's mind, beliefs, dreams and desires kind of stuff) somewhere in 1987. I read few of Jose de Silva books on Silva Mind Control Method series. Ok..ok.. straight to the point.. I had wanted to meet this friend of mine, WAN KHARIZAL and been looking for him for a job that I am having for his assistance. The last time we had in contact was somewhere in 1998/99 during Reformasi time. I searched high and low for his number and got fed up with the 'conventional way' of people searching method. So, I sat down, went to my level, think, believe and desire, go deeper and deeper and do that silva method stuff. What the system did was to send my brain vibration while in alpha state of mind (while in alpha state, our brain frequency is at 8 - 13 Hz) to the environment, and the nature will take its own cause. For a more scientific explanation, I only charge a very minimum consultancy fee... :-). Then, suddenly yesterday, another old friend (i meant it, he IS old) called me saying that WAN KHARIZAL IS LOOKING FOR ME. Whalla! He gave Wan's number and everything else is, you are right, magic. But it is nothing magical to me. I always get help from the other side of me. Pray to God and He knows whats best for you!

Calling all Ex-Georgians

Wanted to blog on other things this morning but received call from Azlan Hanif, fellow ex-Georgian, informing about a friend, Zaim Shaari's (Rimau) son who is in ICU in one of the hospital in Jordan. He need to travel to AMM soonest possible. So, calling all ex-Georgian to help raise some fund to reduce his burden. I don't have much info about the son's condition but Rimau and wife need to be there very urgently. So, fellow ex-Georgians, lets give our helping hand.

Zaim Shaari
HP: 013 352 1226
Maybank account: 1625 1702 5794

Veni Vedi Veci

Monday, November 10, 2008

Law of Attraction, Obama and Hari Akhirat

Taking a few minutes break from my work, updating on my new reads. I went to One Utama yestreday, bought some books (emmm... 3 for me and my other half, 4 for kakak, 4 for DeDe, 1 for Anek, 1 for Long, 1 for Ngah and 3 for Teh). Immediately start reading LAW OF ATTRACTION (Michael J. Losier) and so engrossed that I finish reading in 4 hours. It is 140 something pages of double spacing typo, with some 'this page is intentionally left blank' pages and some full page graphic narration. All in all, I think it is only about 56 pages of reading. I am a slow reader! That is not important. The important thing is that how I realise, that 4 hours reminds me of how I have been thinking NEGATIVELY lately. Law of Attraction is all about POSITIVE THINKING, about FEELING GOOD and about dispersing POSITIVE VIBES. The other book is BARRACK OBAMA: DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, first published in 1995. I, like many other population of the world, put a high hope that he will make changes to the way America 'rules' the world. And the last but not least, is BERIMAN KEPADA HARI AKHIRAT (Life After Death) by Tuan Guru Abd. Hadi Awang. I think I will read this next before I proceed with Obama.

Money Maker

I have this 'crave' of wealth since 1985 after graduating from ITM. When I worked for Binaworks Sdn. Bhd. in Seremban (now 'deceased'), I have the opportunity to work under En. Rosli Sharif (now Dato'). I adore his style. My immediate superior was En. Hadi Yusof (he passed away in 1999 and I still keep his mobile number in my handphone until now) has been like my godfather (or godbrother shall I say). I made my first analytical decision to further my studies in 1986, smelling something 'not right' is going to happen if I continue working. Economic turmoil in 1987 and Binaworks went burst. En. Hadi clinging on to the company (it was his family business, if I were him, I will do the same thing) while En. Rosli, no one heard about him until a few years later, found selling pop corn at Central Market (that what I was told). How persevered! Things look good for me. My decision was right. But my education was not. I failed miserably (hey, I passed all my papers with flying colors but my ECO 501 was the culprit!) but lucky, was given another chance but this time, off-campus. I took this opportunity wo work (ermmm... starting my own business) and studying at the same time. It turn out to be a great turnaround. The elements (I called it charisma) from En. Rosli and the non-stop support from En. Hadi (my first office desk was presented by him) tremendously burnt up all my psycho system to be someone that I wanted to be. And you know what, I write all (well, almost all) my DREAMS and DESIRES, complete with how, where and when, in my dream book, which I called MONEY MAKER. I started this book after reading Napoleon Hill's greatest book ever, THINK AND GROW RICH (first published in 1937). So, I actually start blogging in 1987 (50 years after the birth of Think and Grow Rich) in my Money Maker. Do I achieved my DREAMS and DESIRES? I will continue later. Got work to do now.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Keluarga Kita

I recently realised, I enjoyed working with my family blog Keluarga Kita rather than my own. Not that I don't have anything to write. It is just the good feeling to see the nieces, brothers and sisters come into one place to communicate, and to feel the closeness of the family ties. And to catch up with my other blogs (well, I have a few.. hehe) needs effort. Will write as and when I feel like doing it.

To go or not to go

I've booked my ticket to LHR, scheduled to be on 9th November, but I always have this problem whenever I NEED to travel - I pulled back. Same thing when I supposed to go to DXB last May, PULLED BACK. Last month, I was supposed to go down south to SIN, PULLED BACK. What happen to me? Not that I am scared of flying that much (emmm... maybe a little), but I guess the feeling of not having my children around me (at nights) put me into a tremendous fright. I am scared of homesickness. I am scared of being alone and phobia of the feeling of loneliness (they call it Eremophobia) I have done all the pre-emp, telling all the people that I am travelling... (and to London some more, mah!), just to put pressure on me so that I MUST travel. But still, I cannot make my mind! Errghhh.... I travel not for leisure. Its for SALES CALL for goodness sake! Khairul (my ticketing agent) called me just now.

Khairul: En. Amir, nak issue ticket ke ni? Deadline pukul 8 mlm ni.
Me: Ermm... call me back at 7.59.

(It is almost 7.00pm now...)