Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5 Ramadhan 1430

5 hari dalam bulan Ramadhan, I am approaching my 120th hour of my "Katakan Tak Nak" campaign. Tapi yang peliknya, I don't feel anything! I am still coughing. People say "Within 12 hours after you have your last cigarette, your body will begin to heal itself. The levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine in your system will decline rapidly, and your heart and lungs will begin to repair the damage caused by cigarette smoke." Oh yeah? Tak rasa apa-apa pun?

"Within a few days, you'll probably begin to notice some remarkable changes in your body. Your sense of smell and taste may improve. You'll breathe easier, and your smoker's hack will begin to disappear, although you may notice that you still cough for a while. And you'll be free from the mess, smell, inconvenience, expense, and dependence of cigarette smoking." Ooooo......

Tak pa lah... what ever... Just do it.

Air Asia flight makes emergency landing in Macao

Is this the start of the beginning?

False Alarm: Air Asia flight makes emergency landing in Macao
Wednesday, 26 August 2009

An Air Asia plane carrying 148 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing Monday morning at Macau International Airport (MIA).

Flight No. AK50 began smoothly when it set off from Kuala Lumpur early Monday morning, it was only when the Airbus A320 aircraft was flying into Macao at 10:00am local time (GMT 0200) that a warning light was set off, signalling the aircraft’s emergency door was open.

The pilot immediately informed MIA of the aircrafts situation and proceeded to make a safe emergency landing.

None of the passengers on board the plane was injured, a spokeswoman from the MIA said.

Air Asia later confirmed that the warning light was falsely activated and the emergency door of the aircraft had been securely locked when the plane was airborne.
Air Asia has a fleet of 72 aircraft and operates over 400 flights every day from hubs located in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Haji Omar bin Yunus (1928 - 1998)

Hari ini genap 11 tahun arwah apak pergi meninggalkan kami buat selama-lamanya. Terlalu banyak kenangan indah sepanjang 34 tahun membesar dibawah naungan arwah. Masa balik kampong minggu lepas, sempat berbual-bual dengan mak, mengimbau kenangan lalu semasa arwah masih bersama kami, mengenang harapan-harapan arwah yang ditinggalkan kepada kami. Sedikit sebanyak, saya telah berjaya memenuhi impian arwah. Kewujudan blog KELUARGA KITA adalah salah satu dari manifestasi harapan arwah.

Insyaallah Pak. Amir akan terus berusaha memegang amanah Apak.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dalam hal Rohaizat Othman

Dalam keadaan biasa, selalunya saya akan bersimpati dengan hal-hal yang melibatkan kesilapan masa lampau. Saya sering melakukan kesilapan dan saya juga sering mengharapkan agar orang lain dapat melihat saya sepertimana saya pada hari ini. Namun, tidak banyak, sedikit, pasti ada terselit di sanubari kepahitan menelan kesakitan akibat perbuatan lampau yang dikenakan ke atas kita. Itu manusia. Simpati itu, samada dizahirkan dalam bentuk kemaafan atau tidak, samada ditaklik kan atau terpendam, hanya empunya badan yang mengetahui.

Rohaizat Othman yang saya kenali, pernah membuat kesilapan. Seperti juga manusia lain. Saya cuba menilai Rohaizat Othman hari ini berdasarkan apa yang saya lihat Rohaizat Othman pada hari ini. Bukan sebagai Rohaizat Othman yang pernah membuat kesilapan pada suatu masa dahulu. Samada beliau layak memimpin penduduk Permatang Pasir sebagai wakil mereka, itu terpulang kepada penduduk Permatang Pasir sendiri. Apabila Rohaizat Othman bersedia menawarkan diri untuk diadili, Rohaizat Othman juga sewajibnya sudah bersedia ditelanjangi. Rohaizat Othman sudah pasti telah melihat diri ke dalam cermin, melihat supaya tidak ada parut yang bakal mengaibkan. Sekarang, beliau bukan lagi milik peribadi, sekurang-kurangnya dalam tempoh waktu berkempen. Selamat berjaya kepada Rohaizat Othman, walaupun saya agak pasti kemenangan itu terlalu jauh untuk dijangkau.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fed up with DAP!

I tried to stay away from the political scene for the last 10 years or so. My full concentration is on my family and business. Nevertheless, I still keep abreast with colleagues and friends in that circle. And my inclination is still on the left side. However, I became fed up and tired with the selfishness of DAP. Their tolerance level has deteriorating (or have they ever tolerated anything?). I thing, the next GE, Pakatan Rakyat will loose if DAP do not buck up! UMNO is racist, but they are the party for the Malays. They have all the reason to be racist. Same goes to MCA and MIC. But the DAPs are supposed to be democratic and multi-racial, similar to PKR. At least that is what their constitution says. Next GE will depends on how DAP and its supporters behave. If they still behave like gangsters, I say bye bye!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Anek's 7th Birthday

Last Saturday we celebrated Anek's Birthday. Her birthday is actually on the 27th July but she decided to call her friends to party with her on the 1st August. It was a pool party at D'Shire Club.

Anek (adik, but she pronounce it Anek when she was small) is not so quiet as her name should meant - Nurul Najihah Najwa (pronounciation in Arabic should be Nuurun naajihatun najwa). Quite argumentative especially with the elder sisters because she knows the sisters will always give in. Being the youngest of the siblings doesn't mean she is the pet of the family (emmmm Fuzzy is! He he) She was born with G6PD deficiency, sama dengan Ngah - one of the reason why the brothers and sisters are so concern about her. I guess she must be very lucky being the youngest in the family - enjoy the don't-wants of the elders (a nicer term of trashes, comprises of old yellowish suppose-to-be-white dress, loose pyjama bottom that she got to roll at the waist, headless Barbie dolls, torn Barney then hand-stitched by Papa, used story books with missing pages)

So, the party was giler cool! Managed by The Power of Play for Kids team of Bang Long and Friends.

This picture taken on Anek's actual birthday we celebrated at home earlier.

With some of friends during Pool Party.

Special appearance of Cikgu Ganesan and Cikgu Rasul - two of the favourite teachers of my daughters.

And specially flown down from Penang, Marsha and Baby Najwa.

Event was managed by POP Team Bang Long and Friends. Tu yang best bila dah ada anak bujang, he can take over for events like this, and he managed it very well! Thank you to Yusof, Daniel and Fariz too for being very efficient. Nanti boleh kerja dengan Uncle!

And the birthday song (candle tertinggal kat rumah, so Long terpaksa guna lighter aja)

Happy Birthday darling! Papa loves you!